Anti-Shim Combination Padlock

Wind Hardware believes in high quality products that will give our partners peace of mind. These newly innovated locks resist common shimming methods. Steel is used for added security and durability. This padlock has also been approved by all locker manufacturers and is thereby ready for all locking needs.

If you are looking for more specialized locks, we will partner with your team to create the right solution for you. For more information or to discuss unlimited specialty options for a product, please contact us at or 800-946-3267.


  • Available with colored dials: black, red, green, blue, gold
  • Case-hardened steel post
  • Stainless steel body
  • Supervisory key control
  • Hardened steel, chrome-plated shackle
  • Requires padlock eye of at least 5/16”
  • Also available without supervisory key control feature

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