About Our Group

a valued partner in industrial hardware, locker lock, and beverage storage industries

Wind Group is a high value-add partner of choice in the industrial hardware, locker lock, and food service industries. Comprised of three brands – Wind Hardware, Zephyr Lock, and Zephyr Fluid Solutions – we have a proven 68-year history of partnering with customers to provide innovative, smarter solutions.

Our decades of experience have prepared us to help solve any challenge you may have.

Unique strengths:
Our team of engineers offers innovative, new solutions to accommodate your needs.

We offer responsive and quality customer service to be there whenever you need.

Our highly-trained team offers a dynamic approach to quickly fulfill your needs.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to be your go-to resource.

We have worked to become the suppliers of choice. With smarter solutions, easy accessibility, and a highly-skilled team, we are pleased to offer the best all-around service for your individual needs.

Zephyr Lock

As a proud sister of Wind Group, Zephyr Lock has gained recognition as a leading provider of locking solutions. With a result-driven customer service team and a full array of products, Zephyr Lock has grown into an innovative and value-centric company that offers secure solutions across various industries.

We offer custom solutions, smarter approaches, and knowledgeable responses that stem from over 15 years of experience, making us not only a vendor, but a leading partner for the locker lock industry.

Zephyr Fluid Solutions

Zephyr Fluid Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the beverage storage and merchandising industry. With 66 years of design experience, we have made it our mission to create the most functional storage, dispensing, merchandising, and recycling solutions for any beverage.

The variety of products and dispensing appliances we offer range from beverage racks and collection bins to electronic reverse vending machines.