About Wind Hardware

trusted partner for reliable parts

Our Story

Since 1949, Wind Hardware has proven to be an industrial hardware supplier of choice for manufacturers in a broad array of markets, including enclosure, display, RV, office furniture, fire safety and security, and many others. Known for its product quality, service-oriented approach, and value, Wind Hardware takes pride in being a trusted partner for clients seeking solutions with the service to match.

We offer a broad portfolio of both custom and off-the-shelf industrial hardware products, including cam locks, drawer slides, furniture locks, hinges, fasteners, casters, and many others.

Wind Hardware is ISO-9001:2015 Certified QMS.


We offer timely deliveries that fit our clients’ schedules, responsive customer service teams, and short lead times to establish ourselves as a trusted partner.

For 68 years, Wind Hardware has worked hand-in-hand with its parent company, Wind Group. Together, they have created a dependable network to ensure all areas of industrial hardware supply are covered, making us the trusted long-term partner for all of our customers.


Our team of highly educated, solution-oriented engineers utilize their unique strengths to create custom capabilities and quality-driven solutions to accommodate any customer needs. We work closely with your team to design and modify products to fit your project specifications. For more information or to discuss options for a custom product, please contact us at sales@windcorp.com or 800-946-3267.